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Blog: A Weekend at Missoni Baia

Posted 05.25.2019

As your home base and private oasis, Missoni Baia serves as the start and finish to the perfect weekend in Miami. From Edgewater to Biscayne Bay, the perfect weekend awaits, and we’re serving up the perfectly crafted weekend with recommendations for museums, sunbathing, and fine dining, including an at-home feast created in your own state-of-the-art kitchen at Missoni Baia.

Saturday Brunch

Morgans is synonymous with comfort food. The white-painted 1930s house with a wraparound porch is homey from the first glance, and the black and white striped awning harkens back to Miami’s rustic, off-the-beaten-path past. Ask for a table on the porch, take in the morning air, and order raspberry flat cakes or brioche French toast—if you haven’t already overindulged in the mini-Danish from the basket that is delivered to every table before brunch. For a walk on the savory side, ask for eggs benedict or a delicate but filling omelet.

The Most Pleasant of Errands

Take a leisurely after-brunch stroll through the Upper East Side Farmers Market at Legion Park. You can browse seasonal specialties for a Saturday evening dinner in your condo, including local produce, grass-fed beef, and fixings for the quintessential Floridian meal: in-season stone crabs, home-baked bread, and honey—and fresh flowers to decorate the table. An assortment of vendors line the park, making for a colorful meander along the shoreline. As a bonus, ample free parking is available.

Culture Yourself

Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) has been a long-standing local favorite, showcasing 20th– and 21st-century international art. Since its earlier incarnations as the Center for the Fine Arts (CFA) and the Miami Art Museum, PAMM has evolved with the times and the community surrounding it, offering exhibitions that explore Miami as a cultural crossroads and gathering point for people of the world. PAMM is also known for promoting boundary-bending, interdisciplinary works and for interactive exhibitions that break down the wall between viewer and artist. Post-visit, you can stop by their restaurant, Verde, which serves a variety of fresh seasonal dishes like the Squash Blossoms Pizza with zucchini, goat cheese, and tomato sugo.

A Fabulous Dinner In

Remember those stone crabs and other sundries you procured at the farmers market? For a restaurant-worthy dinner in your own private residence, fire up each of the burners on your Gaggenau cooktop to steam your seafood and simmer the perfect dipping sauce. Your guests can take in the dramatic culinary display of sautéing and seasoning from the kitchen island. While they’re distracted by the stunning interplay between your kitchen’s Blue de Savoie marble counters, matte white lacquer cabinets, and mirrored backsplashes, reach into your wine cooler for a bottle of unoaked chardonnay or the champagne that you’ve been saving (this is, after all, the perfect weekend). Serve dinner with a freshly prepared green papaya salad, a morning-baked crusty loaf, and Florida-grown sweet corn on the cob with a touch of jalapeno butter. The large side-by-side fridge and freezer and pull-out pantry provide plenty of storage should there be any (unlikely) leftovers. Cleaning up is a breeze, thanks to your Gaggenau in-sink garbage disposal and zone dishwasher.

Sunday on Biscayne Bay

Get up early and grab your sunblock, a swimsuit, and a pair of shades for a trip out onto Biscayne Bay. On your way to the shore, stop at The Daily Creative Food Co for the Cuban Scramble of eggs, chorizo, and other savory sides, and be sure to grab a sack-lunch on your way out. The Charleston Post Pulled Pork will certainly travel well until hunger next strikes during your island adventure. Charter a craft and a captain for the day from Boat Miami Beach and enjoy waterskiing and tubing, or simply tour the open waters with a glass of champagne, while the licensed captain whisks you about the Bay. When you’re ready for a break, stop for lunch and a swim on Pace Picnic Island—that little grove of trees out in the middle of the bay that you see from your window at home. Part of the uninhabited Picnic Island chain, Pace Picnic Island is only accessible by sea. Sun yourself, open a cold one, and revel in your view of the Miami skyline across the water.

Unwind at Home, Miami-Style

Leave your swimsuit on, bypass your condo, and head straight to the fifth floor of Missoni Baia. There, you can relax in one of the daybeds next to the cantilevered pool, reading or taking in views of the bay. Kids can play in the nearby splash-pad play area or on the adjacent children’s lawn, and if you’ve got a little zip leftover from the afternoon’s waterskiing run, you can butterfly across the Olympic-sized lap pool. If not, take in a massage on the sixth floor at the in-house spa, complete with saunas, steam rooms, and whirlpool to finish working out any lingering knots in your muscles. Grill dinner on one of the outdoor barbecue and bar cabanas on the premises, or call Harry’s Pizzeria in the Design District for delivery of some serious wood oven pizza. If ever a guest doubts Miami’s pizza capabilities, you need only pass them a slice of the braised short rib, which was named one of America’s Best Pizzas by The Daily Meal.

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The Miami Luxury Real Estate & Design Open House

Posted 05.16.2019

The beautiful waterfront homes at Missoni Baia were featured in Fortune International Group’s March information session and open house, where guests learned about the financial, lifestyle, and aesthetic benefits of moving to Miami. While tax experts from leading firm WithumSmith+Brown discussed the Sunshine State’s generous tax incentive program, Modern Luxury Manhattan’s National Interiors Editor sat down with interior designer Nicole Fuller to discuss how Edgewater condos like Missoni Baia are blending indoor and outdoor spaces. When complete, this waterfront tower, which will be the first collection of branded residences from the renowned Italian fashion house, will include a suite of resort-style amenities designed with the iconic Missoni look.


Luxury Defined

Posted 05.05.2019

Brickell Magazine caught up with renowned interior designer Paris Forino to uncover the inspiration behind her designs for Missoni Baia, the forthcoming collection of luxury Edgewater condos from OKO Group, Asymptote Architecture’s Hani Rashid, and the iconic Missoni fashion house of Italy. “Miami has a beautiful, sunny, and optimistic vibe unmatched anywhere else in the world,” said Forino, who drew on the city’s abundance of sunlight and serene atmosphere to create spacious minimalist interiors for the condos and resort-caliber amenities spaces, which Forino describes as having “a clean, calm, and elemental feeling to them, representing understated and refined elegance at its finest.”


Colombian architects and real estate add works in the world

Posted 05.03.2019

El Tiempo recently ran a piece highlighting the work of Colombian real estate professionals in the United States, particularly the Sanclemente Group’s María Virgina Velásquez, who works with clients like OKO Group’s Vladislav Doronin. OKO Group’s latest project, Missoni Baia, is a perfect example of the firm’s dedication to creating unparalleled luxury homes in some of the world’s hippest locations. Rising from the shores of Biscayne Bay, this collection of Edgewater condos, which is the first residential project from the renowned Italian design house, will offer residents panoramic Downtown and Biscayne Bay views from their spacious homes, as well as a suite of resort-caliber amenities designed with the Missoni aesthetic.


Mexicans, now more than ever, continue investing in Miami

Posted 05.03.2019

As buyers from around the world flock to the luxury condos lining Biscayne Bay, Mexican investors have shown a preference for OKO Group’s projects, particularly Missoni Baia. “We have seen a great growth in our Mexican clientele since we went out to the market,” Sales Director Ana Gómez told Expansion. “They have loved the project and the area in which we are located.” These Edgewater Miami condos represent a unique opportunity to live in the first Missoni-branded residences in the world, complete with Missoni-inspired design elements and items from the Missoni Home Collection dotting the resort-style amenities spaces, including the expansive pool deck and private spa.


Fashion Meets Real Estate In These Vertical Developments

Posted 04.24.2019

Fashion lovers and real estate mavens are coming together to fawn over projects like Missoni Baia, where haute couture meets luxury residences to create an immersive aesthetic experience. The first residential project from Missoni is being developed by Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group, which is bringing its experience with luxury resorts and homes to the shores of Biscayne Bay to create the ultimate collection of Edgewater Miami condos. In addition to living in spacious homes with private terraces looking out at 180-degree bay views, residents of Missoni Baia will enjoy a suite of resort-caliber amenities, including a private spa, multiple swimming pools, and an elevated tennis court, all with Biscayne Bay as the backdrop.


Living Well

Posted 04.10.2019

Luxury Magazine ran a feature on the wave of wellness amenities crashing over the luxury real estate market, and the holistic approach that Missoni and OKO Group are taking with the amenities at Missoni Baia is the highlight. The first branded residence from the renowned Italian fashion house will feature 249 Edgewater Miami condos as well as resort-worthy amenities that are all decked out in the signature Missoni style and inflected by OKO Group CEO Vladislav Doronin’s experience running the worldwide Aman chain. Residents will enjoy access to four pools, an elevated tennis court, a fully equipped spa with steam rooms and sauna, and a private yoga studio, all just feet away from beautiful Biscayne Bay.

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Meet Missoni Baia, one of the new tallest towers in Miami

Posted 04.09.2019

Colombian daily El Tiempo recently ran a feature on Missoni Baia, highlighting the building’s unique design and Missoni elements as its construction continues apace. Expected to be complete in 2021, the 57-story collection of Edgewater condos occupies 60 meters of beachfront property along beautiful Biscayne Bay, which will provide backdrops for the 249 luxury homes that will soon fill the tower. Residents will have access to a suite of resort-caliber amenities, including an elevated tennis court, bayside infinity pool, and large terrace complete with well-equipped cabins, decked out in Missoni colors and dotted with items from the elegant Missoni Home Collection.


Miami Real Estate on the Rise

Posted 04.09.2019

As a wave of infrastructure improvements washed over Miami in the past few years, international developer OKO Group invested in a pair of projects on the shores of Biscayne Bay that are poised to elevate beachfront living to new heights. The first of these towers to be completed will be the Missoni Baia, which was recently featured in a spread in Excellence Magazine. This collection of Edgewater condos will stand 57 stories tall and contain 249 luxury waterfront condos when complete in 2021. The building is being designed by Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture and features interiors by Paris Forino, as well as elements from the Missoni Home collection and other Missoni-inspired touches like stripes of color along the bottom of one of the development’s many pools.

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Biscayne Bay Condos

Top Designs in Miami

Posted 04.09.2019

Colombian design magazine Interio recently celebrated the groundbreaking work that OKO Group is doing in Miami, highlighting the pair of residential projects that the international developer is erecting on the shores of Biscayne Bay. The first to completion will be the Missoni Baia, a 57-story tower housing a collection of luxury Edgewater condos. Designed by Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture with interiors by Paris Forino, this stark tower features design elements selected and inspired by the iconic Missoni look, which comes through in the pops of color in the building’s public and amenities spaces. The tower is the first residential project from the Italian fashion house.


Missoni Baia, Status Magazine

Posted 04.05.2019

Status Magazine, a publication that covers the luxury market, recently featured a construction update for Missoni Baia, the first residence by the iconic Italian brand Missoni and its Missoni Home collection. When complete, this high-rise from Vladislav Doronin’s OKO Group and the eponymous design house will stand 57 stories tall and contain 249 luxury Edgewater Miami condos, each of which will feature a private balcony with a panoramic view of Biscayne Bay. In addition to a suite of resort-caliber amenities, Missoni Baia features neutral-tone interior design by New York’s Paris Forino, which creates the perfect backdrop for the pops of color provided by items from the Missoni Home collection.

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