Missoni Baia: Sales Gallery Recap at Missoni Baia

Posted 04.16.2021

This past year has been interesting, to say the least. Businesses have had to be incredibly resourceful and flexible in adapting to the new normal. The team behind the Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia have forged ahead despite the circumstances and have made 2020 one of their most successful years yet. And the progress of the tower itself has been nothing short of remarkable, reaching half the building’s full height earlier this year. 

As the tower rises, business moves forward, and 2020 comes to a close, we’d like to take a look back at some of the informative events concerning Missoni Baia that took place over the last year. From a detailed tour of the project to a deep dive into tax efficiency, these virtual presentations are sure to help anyone who plans to move to the bright, sunny city of Miami and call the waterfront condos at Missoni Baia their home.

Let’s take a look: 

The Art of Living With Missoni Baia: Haute Residences Webinar

Missoni is a fashion house that is synonymous with worldly glamour and bold living. The Missoni Baia property in Edgewater translates the brand’s signature expressive designs into a lifestyle. Meet the creative team behind Missoni Baia, including creative director Angela Missoni, interior designer Paris Forino, and famed landscape architect Enzo Enea. You’ll get insight into the hard work going on behind the scenes and the thoughtful concepts that will make Missoni a chic and exciting place to call home.

The Cost of Living | New York vs. Florida: Tips for Tax Efficiency

There are countless reasons to move to Florida, particularly Miami: the glorious year-round weather, the white sandy beaches, and the vibrant culture and food scenes. But there’s another thing that savvy home buyers know about the state that makes it the optimal place to live: the low taxes. Listen in on experts from OKO Group’s Una Residences and Missoni Baia teams as they take you step-by-step into the world of Florida’s tax efficiency. 

Missoni Baia: Hani Rashid Virtual Panel

Since the late 1980s, Hani Rashid, the architect behind Missoni Baia and founder of the international architectural firm Asymptote, has brought a sense of playful elegance to skylines around the world, whether it’s in situ public art in Milan or a cultural center in South Korea. In this virtual panel, Rashid speaks about his illustrious past and the process and inspiration behind the design of Missoni Baia. Viewers will discover that Rashid is more than just an architect who creates buildings; he is a designer who carefully thinks about how his work will affect the community and the city as a whole.

Missoni Baia is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Edgewater today!

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Fashion Branding Sets the Scene for World-Class Living Spaces

Posted 04.09.2021

When buyers hear the name “Missoni,” they immediately picture the Italian fashion house’s iconic style, that bold combination of color and shape that catches the eye. The new homes at Missoni Baia bring this sleek aesthetic to the breezy shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood, allowing residents to step inside the mind of Missoni while living their South Florida life to the fullest. These Miami bayfront condos feature floor-to-ceiling windows and deep-set private terraces where residents can enjoy the legendary Florida climate, while the building’s luxury amenities, including a large private spa and multiple pools, are decorated with items from the Missoni Home Collection and iconic bars of color.

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Spa Living at Missoni Baia

Posted 03.24.2021

Miami is undoubtedly a bastion of glamour and sophistication mixed with a laidback lifestyle that affords relaxation to all who live here. From the warm breezes on the beach by day to tranquil evenings spent at world-class restaurants, you’re at the forefront of leisure. And there’s no place more in line with this way of living than the Edgewater condos of Missoni Baia, where ease and elegance take center stage. 

From the moment you step into the refined yet opulent lobby to the time you take in the jaw-dropping bay views from floor-to-ceiling windows in these spacious and chic homes, you’ll be surrounded by serenity. 

Luckily, residents of Missoni Baia also have the chance to level-up their downtime with state-of-the-art amenities that are designed for comfort and convenience. 

Whether you’re headed out for some entertainment or just want to glow-up for a special night in, you don’t have to head out to get your glam on. With the on-site hair and nail salon, the glamour comes to you. Gather your besties for an “at-home” spa night when you rent out this salon that rivals any in the city. There’s no wondering how your hairstyle or nails will turn out when you hire your personal manicurists or hair team to pamper and coif you and your friends to your hearts’ content. We recommend putting together a playlist of your favorite “getting ready” tunes and having a bottle or two of bubbly at the ready for this exclusive indulgence. 

But pampering isn’t reserved for special occasions. Make self-care a part of your routine in the  3,300-square-foot gym. Amp up your cardio on state-of-the-art equipment or in the private training room as you work out any and all tension you have while you look out onto the bay. 

Are you searching for some inner peace? The best way to find it might just be in the tranquil private yoga studio—stretch, bend, and breathe your way to ultimate bliss any time of day. Then unwind poolside and lounge in the Florida sun or in the whirlpool spa. True Zen has never been this close. 

Of course, there are times when you’ll need a little assistance to reach that Zen. That’s where the private massage treatment rooms are beneficial. Swedish, Thai, deep-tissue, or hot-stone—book a masseuse to soothe your sore muscles after a hard day at work or a long day on the beach. There’s truly no greater indulgence than having your body worked on without the added stress of driving to a spa. Once you’re finished, you don’t even have to head to your personal spa-like bathroom at Missoni Baia; simply use the private and luxuriant showers right off the massage room.

No matter what way you choose to relax, know that there are myriad ways to do so from the comfort of your new home at Missoni Baia


Fine Dining and Fun in the Sun in East Edgewater

Posted 03.22.2021

As Missoni Baia climbs skyward and the move-in date approaches, future residents of these East Edgewater homes are beginning to scout out the local attractions. Edgewater dates back to the 1920s, when it was built as a bayside shopping district. Its modern incarnation comes thanks to a wave of construction in the early 2000s as developers saw the potential in the waterfront locale. Now, the neighborhood is home to public parks, fine dining, and luxury accommodations, as well as being conveniently located within walking distance of Miami’s hip Wynwood neighborhood and the Arts & Entertainment District.

East Edgewater finds its purest expression in Margaret Pace Park, an eight-acre bayfront green space with open lawns, a basketball court, and a dog park, all set against the stunning Miami Beach skyline. History buffs will appreciate the nearby Miami City Cemetery, one of the area’s best-kept secrets, which is home to the final resting places of many city pioneers. And, of course, running the length of Edgewater is Biscayne Bay, inviting boaters with its easy waters and access to the ocean.

Residents of the superlative Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia will move into one of the hottest areas for Latin food in South Florida. Colombian favorite Palo Quemao serves classics like bandeja paisa and empanadas cooked to perfection, while their cinnamon-crusted natas dessert is to die for. For a Peruvian take on seafood, locals love Sabor a Perú, where the fish ceviche is always muy bueno.

But not all of the food around Missoni Baia is picante. Beer aficionados will frequent Kush, the trendy burger chain in nearby Wynwood with a microbrew-focused tap room and kitchen. Fresh ingredients, beef ground in-house, and an eco-conscious philosophy have made Kush a South Florida favorite, though the range of exotic and tasty burgers hasn’t hurt. For an upscale night on the town, residents will head to Beaker & Gray, where world-class cocktails meet an internationally inflected menu, which includes such unique, must-try combinations as maitake mushrooms with yuzu and smoked jalapeño and classics like the Wagyu burger.

After enjoying everything that East Edgewater and its surroundings have to offer, residents of Missoni Baia will return to their luxury homes, set in one of the neighborhood’s tallest towers and graced with a suite of resort-style amenities that capitalize on the building’s waterfront location and the glorious Miami climate. Whether they’re soaking up rays on one of the building’s many landscaped decks, playing a few sets on the elevated tennis court, getting a mani-pedi in the private spa, or simply strolling along the waterfront, residents at Missoni Baia will get the most out of South Florida without leaving the comfort of their own neighborhood. So, why not reach out today and start planning your new East Edgewater life right now?


Spike in Miami condo sales bodes well for new developments

Posted 03.19.2021

South Florida Agent reports that sales are going crazy at Missoni Baia, the new collection of Miami bayfront condos currently under construction from OKO Group. “Now that remote work has become so prolific and many people work from wherever they choose,” says Vanessa Grout, CEO of OKO Real Estate, “we’re seeing buyers from cities like New York and Chicago making the move to Miami.” The Edgewater homes at Missoni Baia are designed to embody the best aspects of the Miami lifestyle, from flowing indoor/outdoor layouts that maximize private outdoor space to sweeping waterfront and Downtown views and a suite of luxury amenities inspired by the world’s finest resorts.

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Domestic Buyers Lead $74M Surge in Sales of Miami’s Missoni Baia, Una Residences Towers

Posted 03.15.2021

With nearly 1,000 people moving to Florida each day, homes at forthcoming luxury towers like Missoni Baia are selling fast. According to OKO Group CEO Vanessa Grout, “The pandemic, coupled with people and businesses looking to relocate to tax-friendly states with reduced business and living expenses, is enticing out-of-state residents to make the move to Florida,” and the new Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia are exactly the kind of stylish, high-end, amenity-rich homes that this new crop of Miamians are looking for. When complete, the sleek waterfront tower from Asymptote Architecture will feature spacious interiors designed by Paris Forino with oversight by the Missoni family, all wrapped in floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal sweeping ocean and Downtown views.

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Domestic Buyers Lead $74M Surge in Sales of Miami’s Missoni Baia, Una Residences Towers

Posted 03.10.2021

It seems like OKO Group can’t build luxury Miami homes fast enough. Sales at the firm’s pair of under-construction towers totaled $74 million in the last 60 days, with a lot of money coming in the form of cash from domestic buyers eager to secure a home in the nation’s hottest luxury market. The first tower to be completed will be Missoni Baia, the sleek collaboration between Asymptote Architecture and the iconic Italian fashion house, which is currently rising from the shore of Biscayne Bay. These stylish Edgewater condos will feature deep-set balconies perfect for taking advantage of the work-from-home lifestyle and Miami’s legendary climate.



Why Vlad Doronin and Jonathan Goldstein are betting billions on Miami

Posted 03.02.2021

When the Miami Herald sat down with Vladislav Doronin to talk with the OKO Group and Aman Resorts CEO about his love for Miami and his forthcoming collection of Edgewater Miami condos at Missoni Baia, the Star Island resident sounded like an evangelist for South Florida. “Those who are very clever are coming right now,” said Doronin, who made his name by bringing luxury living to the world’s exotic locales. Now, with Missoni Baia standing halfway to its eventual height, he’s seeing increased sales as people from America and abroad realize that Miami is the next hot spot. “At Missoni Baia you get five pools, a gym and even a spa for pets. There’s a tennis court,” said Doronin. “You can’t get that in New York.”

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Get in Shape at Missoni Baia

Posted 01.15.2021

The new year represents an opportunity for growth. From reading more to learning a new language, this time of year is when we set goals that are meant to level-up our lives. One aspiration that usually falls by the wayside by March is getting fit. Whether it’s a shortage of time or a lack of the right equipment, there are plenty of reasons for abandoning your fitness regimen. Thanks to the world-class gym amenities at the East Edgewater condos of Missoni Baia, this year can be different.

No matter what your workout goals might be, there’s something for you in the vast 3,208-square-foot on-site fitness facility at Missoni Baia. Get in shape without even leaving the building — no treks through the snow to the gym, and no signing up for spin classes or waiting your turn in a crowded weight room.

Every good workout begins with a thorough stretching session, and while you can do your foam rolling and calf stretches on the gym floor, why not take your warmup to the next level and head to the private yoga studio for some deep muscle work? A yoga mat is the only thing you’ll need as you practice your downward dog in this serene and quiet space. The private yoga studio is also a great spot to begin your day or wind down your evening with some stress-reducing asanas.

Once you’ve loosened up your muscles, it’s time to put them to work. This fitness facility’s weight area affords a clean and respectful environment where you can tone up, whether you’re using the free weights or the top-of-the-line weight machines. Feel free to take your time here, as there’ll be no line of gym-goers impatiently waiting to grab the dumbells the second you’ve finished. 

There will also be no line ahead of you to use the plentiful cardio machines. Burn off some major calories on the elliptical and save yourself the hassle of signing up for a fitness class as you cycle to your heart’s content on the exercise bikes. You can even take a run or walk on the treadmill without feeling the Miami heat. For a boutique fitness experience, consider a personal trainer for the private training room. The best part of all of this? You get your workout while taking in the stunning 180 degree views of Biscayne Bay. 

An often overlooked aspect of a workout is the recovery. At Missoni Baia, you can recover in luxury in the steam room or sauna. To truly indulge, hire a masseuse to knead your sore muscles in the private massage room. After all that hard work, you deserve it! 

Make this the year when your fitness resolution stays on course with the fantastic gym facilities at Missoni Baia.

Missoni Baia is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Edgewater today!


These Are The 21 New Miami Towers That Will Be Under Construction In 2021, The Next Miami

Posted 01.14.2021

Missoni Baia is officially more than halfway to its eventual 649-foot height, with 37 of 57 stories constructed and another being added each week. The Next Miami even reports that the first glass windows have been installed in the tower, another major milestone in the tower’s construction. When complete, the Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia will feature panoramic Biscayne Bay and Miami views through each home’s floor-to-ceiling windows and from their private deep-set terraces. The interiors are being designed by Paris Forino with oversight by the Missoni family, ensuring that the Baia’s elegant interior reflects the sophistication and bold style that make the Italian design house iconic.

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Kari Fernandez Profile, Brickell Magazine

Posted 01.07.2021

For its Powersuits in Paradise feature, Brickell Magazine profiled Kari Fernandez, a veteran realtor with 18 years of experience in the Downtown Miami/Brickell/Edgewater area. Fernandez, currently the VP of Sales for Missoni Baia and Una Residences at Fortune Development Group, believes that she is doing her best when she’s supporting her team, and she brings her motto, “Sharing is caring,” into every meeting and call. “Playing a part in someone’s growth and professional success is very rewarding,” said Fernandez, whose team-oriented ethos has paid dividends while working with clients to put them in the forthcoming Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia.