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House of Style, Modern Luxury

Posted 02.27.2021

Missoni Baia is still under construction, but the collection of luxury Edgewater condos is already making the pages of Modern Luxury, which featured the tower in its latest issue. When complete later this year, Missoni Baia will present a minimalist facade and elegant silhouette by Asymptote Architecture’s Hani Rashid, lush landscaping by Enzo Enea, and interiors curated by New York designer Paris Forino and two generations of the Missoni family. The result will be a stunning collection of sophisticated residences with sweeping Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Miami views along with a resort-caliber collection of health and wellness amenities.

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News Single

Sales of ultra-luxury condos are soaring. What does that mean for the rest of Miami?

Posted 02.25.2021

Missoni Baia made the pages of the Miami Herald when the paper reported on a surge in luxury condo sales around the new year. Between the Sunshine State’s low tax burden and the increased popularity of working from home, relocating to sunny Miami has never been a better idea, and the forthcoming Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia are going fast, thanks to their combination of refined style and elegant proportions. These spacious homes will feature deep-set private terraces that will allow residents to take full advantage of Miami’s balmy weather, whether they’re sitting outside with a laptop and an iced coffee or unwinding with a glass of wine at sunset.

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Missoni Baia Made Headlines in 2020

Posted 02.22.2021

2020 was a big year for Missoni Baia, which met a pair of construction milestones while continuing to garner attention for its breathtaking design. The stylish tower from OKO Group, Asymptote Architecture, designer Paris Forino, landscape artist Enzo Enea, and the eponymous Italian fashion house will top out this year, but in the meantime, let’s take a trip back through everything that happened at Missoni Baia in 2020.

News broke in early October when Civic Construction announced that Missoni Baia had reached the 28th floor, marking the halfway point. The tower, which will stand atop a seven-story garage, rose at a pace of about one story per week beginning in early 2020, giving the impression that it was stretching slowly skyward. When complete, Missoni Baia will be the tallest building along its stretch of Edgewater, providing each of the 249 Miami bayfront condos with an unobstructed ocean view from their deep-set private balconies.

While the tower itself headed toward the sky, the project landscape architects were working to create beauty on the ground level. In a wide-ranging interview about the project, landscape architect Enzo Enea talked about how he worked to “connect the landscape with the building in a sustainable way” through specific techniques and plant choices. The building’s large amenities deck, arranged around a central Olympic-sized pool, was the perfect canvas for Enea, who will create a lush microclimate on the terrace using local ground cover and pitch apple trees that provide shade and lower the ambient temperature.

As new floors were added to the tower’s top, crews began installing the first of the glass panels that will eventually define the tower’s facade. Each of the building’s Edgewater condos will feature a private balcony designed to give residents the full indoor/outdoor Miami living experience, while floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the homes will reveal sweeping Biscayne Bay, Atlantic Ocean, and Downtown Miami views. The first of these homes are taking shape right now as crews enclose the building’s lowest floors, which are also home to Missoni Baia’s large private spa.

After reaching a number of milestones in 2020, Missoni Baia is poised to have an even more exciting year in 2021, with the tower expected to top out soon and move-ins occurring as early as this winter. So, keep your eyes peeled for more news from Edgewater and head over to the Missoni Baia website to register for the building’s priority list.

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Create the Perfect Cheese Board

Posted 02.18.2021

A well-laden cheese board is a scrumptious way to celebrate happy hour, throw a small get-together — or simply enjoy an indulgent supper with a couple of glasses of wine. Here’s how to source a spread for your Miami bayfront condo.

Transport Yourself to Tuscany

Strong espresso, fresh “bombolone” doughnuts, artisanal rigatoni pasta: All the best things about Italian cuisine can be found at Mercato Miami. Nearly everything at this Edgewater boutique is sourced directly from Italy, and that goes for the cheese, too. Handpick your platter from a selection of provolone, Parmigiano Reggiano, and mozzarella — and go all-out European, with some olive oil and honey on the side. You’ll discover heaps of toothsome charcuterie, as well: from mouthwatering prosciutto, to tender octopus carpaccio. Mop it all up with springy focaccia bread, and wash it down with a bottle of Barolo. Best served on your waterfront terrace while imagining you’re on the Tuscan coast. Bellissimo!

Spoil Yourself With an Epicurean Spread 

Planning a special meal at your Edgewater condo? Let Harry & David take care of the catering. Order one of their Ultimate Epicurean Charcuterie and Cheese Collections for a ready-made feast of epic proportions. You’ll find it bulging with an array of artisan cheeses — including peppercorn cheddar, crumbly asiago, and a special little number made with Tennessee whiskey. Additionally, there’s savory salami, artichoke lemon pesto, stuffed vine leaves, roasted almonds, and a whole lot more. Go all out by adding wine and chocolate truffles to the order. All that’s left for you to do is feast like a Roman emperor or empress. 

Charcuterie to Share, Sandwiches to Savor

Billed as “the first and only charcuterie bar in Miami,” Meet’n Cheese in the The Citadel food hall serves up top-quality Italian cured meats and flavorful cheeses. Order them tantalizingly arranged on a board for gratifying grazing, or piled between slabs of freshly baked focaccia or ciabatta bread from Sullivan Street Bakery. Create a board with your choice of up to five meats and three cheeses, or choose from a selection of absolutely mouthwatering sandwiches. We can’t resist the Parma, with prosciutto crudo di Parma, fresh mozzarella, and truffle oil. Meet’n Cheese also builds some impressive salads, like a classic Caesar or a Burrata Caprese, with wonderfully creamy burrata cheese, cherry tomatoes, and arugula.

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New Horizons, Ocean Home

Posted 02.17.2021

As Missoni Baia climbs toward its eventual 57-story height, the tower made Ocean Home’s list of the hottest waterfront properties going up in Miami. When complete, this collection of stylish Edgewater condos will feature a striking facade and silhouette by Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architecture, colorful interiors inspired by the iconic Missoni brand and dotted with items from the sophisticated Missoni Home Collection, and a suite of resort-style amenities that meet the high standards that developer Vladislav Doronin sets at his Aman sites. Residents of these chic homes will love the building’s Olympic-sized pool and private spa, all with sweeping views of Biscayne Bay and Downtown Miami.

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Bringing Work and Life Into Balance at Missoni Baia

Posted 01.26.2021

Now that the new year is here, it’s a great time to take a look back at the last year and the very different way the world adjusted and coped with current events. For one thing, our relationship with our homes and work has been fundamentally altered: After getting used to working from our dwelling places, the idea of leaving our comfortable home offices for a stuffy cubicle or boardroom is unbearable. That’s why we’re looking at how residents will use their homes and the amenities at Missoni Baia as extensions of the traditional office space — specifically when it comes to hosting important clients and using the inspiring Biscayne Bay backdrop as a tool to close big deals.

The elegant 57-story tower on the water will cut an impressive figure, and its towering lobby with Biscayne Bay views is sure to impress arriving clients. The building’s minimalist interiors are dotted with items from the Missoni Home Collection, bringing a pop of color and a touch of elegance to each space, which will help to put even the most apprehensive clients at ease.

When complete, the Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia will embody the luxurious Miami lifestyle. Each home features a deep-set private terrace facing the bay and the Atlantic Ocean, as well as a large living room with floor-to-ceiling windows, giving residents plenty of indoor and outdoor space where they can entertain guests in privacy. 

But not everything at Missoni Baia has to be so serious! Residents will love hosting business partners for a quick meeting before heading to the building’s elevated tennis court for a few sets and then freshening up in the expansive private spa. With outdoor amenities such as the multiple pools and an elegant sunning deck, Missoni Baia will bring the comfort and luxury of a resort to every resident’s home. 

With a wealth of common and private areas that feature tranquil backdrops and stylish design, Missoni Baia is a living, breathing embodiment of the indoor/outdoor, work/play lifestyle that makes living and working in Miami such a pleasure. From walking along the waterfront beneath leafy palm trees to taking a nap on a chaise lounge on the sunny pool deck to working up a sweat on one of the gym’s cardio machines, Missoni Baia will have something for everyone.

So check out some renderings of what’s to come and secure your spot in this one-of-a-kind tower today! Missoni Baia is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Edgewater today!


Get in Shape at Missoni Baia

Posted 01.15.2021

The new year represents an opportunity for growth. From reading more to learning a new language, this time of year is when we set goals that are meant to level-up our lives. One aspiration that usually falls by the wayside by March is getting fit. Whether it’s a shortage of time or a lack of the right equipment, there are plenty of reasons for abandoning your fitness regimen. Thanks to the world-class gym amenities at the East Edgewater condos of Missoni Baia, this year can be different.

No matter what your workout goals might be, there’s something for you in the vast 3,208-square-foot on-site fitness facility at Missoni Baia. Get in shape without even leaving the building — no treks through the snow to the gym, and no signing up for spin classes or waiting your turn in a crowded weight room.

Every good workout begins with a thorough stretching session, and while you can do your foam rolling and calf stretches on the gym floor, why not take your warmup to the next level and head to the private yoga studio for some deep muscle work? A yoga mat is the only thing you’ll need as you practice your downward dog in this serene and quiet space. The private yoga studio is also a great spot to begin your day or wind down your evening with some stress-reducing asanas.

Once you’ve loosened up your muscles, it’s time to put them to work. This fitness facility’s weight area affords a clean and respectful environment where you can tone up, whether you’re using the free weights or the top-of-the-line weight machines. Feel free to take your time here, as there’ll be no line of gym-goers impatiently waiting to grab the dumbells the second you’ve finished. 

There will also be no line ahead of you to use the plentiful cardio machines. Burn off some major calories on the elliptical and save yourself the hassle of signing up for a fitness class as you cycle to your heart’s content on the exercise bikes. You can even take a run or walk on the treadmill without feeling the Miami heat. For a boutique fitness experience, consider a personal trainer for the private training room. The best part of all of this? You get your workout while taking in the stunning 180 degree views of Biscayne Bay. 

An often overlooked aspect of a workout is the recovery. At Missoni Baia, you can recover in luxury in the steam room or sauna. To truly indulge, hire a masseuse to knead your sore muscles in the private massage room. After all that hard work, you deserve it! 

Make this the year when your fitness resolution stays on course with the fantastic gym facilities at Missoni Baia.

Missoni Baia is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Edgewater today!


These Are The 21 New Miami Towers That Will Be Under Construction In 2021, The Next Miami

Posted 01.14.2021

Missoni Baia is officially more than halfway to its eventual 649-foot height, with 37 of 57 stories constructed and another being added each week. The Next Miami even reports that the first glass windows have been installed in the tower, another major milestone in the tower’s construction. When complete, the Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia will feature panoramic Biscayne Bay and Miami views through each home’s floor-to-ceiling windows and from their private deep-set terraces. The interiors are being designed by Paris Forino with oversight by the Missoni family, ensuring that the Baia’s elegant interior reflects the sophistication and bold style that make the Italian design house iconic.

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Kari Fernandez Profile, Brickell Magazine

Posted 01.07.2021

For its Powersuits in Paradise feature, Brickell Magazine profiled Kari Fernandez, a veteran realtor with 18 years of experience in the Downtown Miami/Brickell/Edgewater area. Fernandez, currently the VP of Sales for Missoni Baia and Una Residences at Fortune Development Group, believes that she is doing her best when she’s supporting her team, and she brings her motto, “Sharing is caring,” into every meeting and call. “Playing a part in someone’s growth and professional success is very rewarding,” said Fernandez, whose team-oriented ethos has paid dividends while working with clients to put them in the forthcoming Edgewater condos at Missoni Baia.


Give Back This Holiday Season

Posted 12.23.2020

Living at Missoni Baia will always be about more than panoramic waterfront views and luxury amenities. The Miami community is part of the lure. As members of this community, residents of these Edgewater condos will have a duty to give back to those around them, and the holidays present the perfect opportunity to share with the less fortunate. 

Since 1922, the Miami Rescue Mission, also known as “The Caring Place,” has served the homeless and underserved populations of South Florida, bringing their core values of compassion, hope, restoration, and transformation to their work with thousands of people each year. From providing basic shelter and food to offering programs and resources aimed at training and housing their clients, the Miami Rescue Mission is a positive force and a fantastic place for Miami residents to engage with their less fortunate neighbors. 

This season, the Miami Rescue Mission is running a Christmas Toy Drive with the goal of giving more than 6,000 boys and girls gifts this holiday season. They’ve even made donating easy and efficient with a web form full of suggested items that are guaranteed to bring a smile to a child’s face. Plus, with plenty of drop-off locations, it’s a safe and simple way to give back. Beyond toys, the Miami Rescue Mission is always looking for donations of all kinds to use in their centers. Items like unused furniture and appliances can make all the difference for adults and families in need, and all donations to the Miami Rescue Mission are tax-deductible.

Future Missoni Baia residents seeking a closer connection with those in need can volunteer to help with a number of Miami Rescue Mission programs, ranging from serving meals or tutoring to helping with basic maintenance at the organization’s centers. No matter someone’s level of experience or desire for engagement, the Mission will put them in a position to do the most good.

Finding a way to serve others is the best way to become part of a community, and residents at Missoni Baia are sure to build lasting connections, thanks to nonprofits like the Miami Rescue Mission. Head to the organization’s website to sign up for something this holiday season, then double-check that you’ve secured your under-construction waterfront condo at Missoni Baia. After all, you deserve something special this holiday season as well.

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Supporting the Miami Design District

Posted 12.21.2020

Loved for its upscale dining options and art galleries, Miami Design District is also a first-rate choice for some serious holiday shopping. You can support this creatively commercial district, which is just moments from Edgewater and the Missoni Baia condos, by taking advantage of smart delivery and pickup services that will keep you and your community safer during and after the holidays. If the choices seem overwhelming, remember that a personal shopping service is available. 


Merely uttering the name of this Parisian jeweler and watchmaker is enough to set some people’s spines tingling. This Design District boutique, which is offering retail to-go and delivery services, is where you’ll likely discover *the* present for your someone special: perhaps a Saphirs Légers de Cartier bracelet set with pink sapphire for her or a Ballon Bleu de Cartier watch—guaranteed to be treasured for a long time by the gentleman in your life. 


You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stumbled into an arrondissement of Paris because Celine is another lauded Parisian brand, right here in Midtown Miami. Buy 1950s-style cat-eye sunglasses—your giftee will love parading up and down the waterfront in them. These stylish shades are complemented by the vegetal calfskin sandals—in a delicious burgundy—which Celine also has for sale. There are just as many gift ideas for men: consider a paisley print shirt to pep up his wardrobe and a bifold wallet with Triomphe canvas as a stocking-filler. Services include “click and collect” and curbside pickup.


From Paris, we “move” to London—and the heritage-steeped Burberry brand. Aside from a lip-licking selection of scarves, clutch bags, and trench coats, the store proffers a range of perfumes that’ll please any family member. Our personal picks: the Burberry for Men eau de toilette is a rich and spicy classic, suited to discernable gents, while the Her Intense perfume has head-turning notes of blackberry, jasmine, and cedarwood. The Burberry US website will be accepting orders until December 23rd for on-time delivery for Christmas.

State of Kid

Baby and toddler clothing make a practical gift, yet it’s difficult to find designs that truly pop. State of Kid has got your back; this baby boutique sells retro-style Sun Valley Crew tees, Animal Ballet swimsuits, and avant-garde rompers. Whatever you buy from here, it’ll put a grin on the face of the little one and their parents too. Orders can be placed on their website. But an even better present might be a gift card that friends and family can use when you show them around the Design District in 2021—after you’ve registered to learn more about your future home in the Miami waterfront condos for sale at Missoni Baia.

Missoni Baia is currently offering ​in-person and virtual presentations, reach out to our sales team today to schedule an appointment and start your life on the shores of Edgewater today!